Meme Week @ Yale — Memefactory, Moot, & More!

12 Apr 2010 by paulramirez, 16 Comments »

Memes. The cultural baubles that ornament the Internet. Large cats who want cheeseburgers. A kid who wanted so very hard to be a Jedi. Even a video of poor David after visiting the dentist’s office.

Why do these spread? Why are they so popular? If Kanye interrupts Taylor Swift, is it really that much of a FAIL? Well, Students for Free Culture is hosting two events to help you understand the culture that resides on the Internet.

That’s right. Welcome to Meme Week.


Wednesday, April 14

7pm – Davies Auditorium

Three gentlemen and three projectors take the audience on a fast-paced and whirlwind tour of internet memes, famous pieces of internet media and tons of youTube footage. The modus is not depth, but breadth, and occasional audience participation. The show will discuss internet phenomenon including but not limited to: LOLCats, Advice Dog, Boxxy, Star Wars Kid, David After Dentist, FAILs, WINs, and more. You can think of it as somewhere between a lecture, vaudeville and Double Dare.

Check this video out for a sneak peak!

Master’s Tea with moot

Friday, April 16

5pm – Calhoun College

moot, the creator of the popular imageboard 4chan (click at your own risk), was Time Magazine’s “Most Influential Person” in the year 2009. He was the winner (by far) of the online poll. But wait, who is this guy and how is that possible? Well, those questions just go to show you the power and influence that the forum he created has over internet culture (lolcats? Rick rolling? pedobear? all came from 4chan), the real world (Anonymous’ war against Scientology? 4chan), and the internet in general. His real name is supposedly “Christopher Poole,” though nobody really knows for sure.

Woo woo!

PS. Be on the lookout for some of our, uh, special posters around campus.


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